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Port del Moro - Let me count the ways

Ontinyent is spoiled for choice with climbs (road, mtb and gravel) that start here and head out in every direction, with easy options to enjoy and hard rides that challenge the strongest riders. Some are well known, especially amongst the Spanish cycling community who visit from the coast, Valencia and Madrid. These include Portixol, Port Bocairent, Puerto Albaida, Emita Sant Esteve, Port Fontanars (x2) and Puerto Paller. There are countless gravel and MTB climbs such as Cami a Ponce, Alt del Figueroles, Turmalet, Pico Teix, Barranc Tarrongers (2), Quimcaller and Enginyers to name but a few. Port del Moro however, is less well known to those outside of the area and there's a whole lot more to it than first glances might suggest.

Port del Moro - by road - a classic climb to 987m The classic marked section of the climb can be done from either Beneixama or Fontanars del Alforins. Officially it starts in Fontanars, rising immediately from town and it is a hard climb if not too long. The last kilometre is easy. so the averages are deceptive and much of it hovers around 7-10% with stiff ramps along the way. It's a fast technical descent with fantastic views of the Fontanars plateau below.

From Beneixama. it is sometimes known as Port del Beneixama, and is much more steady. The descent on this side is one of the best in the region too, with fast and safe flowing corners that link beautifully. The entire road was resurfaced a few years ago and is perfect from top to bottom. There are rarely any cars en route and the climb is popular at weekends with cycling clubs from Ontinyent, Xativa, Biar and Villena. From Ontinyent to Port del Moro - by road In total you have a 20km climb that starts at 350m in Ontinyent and summits at just under 1000m. Either of the two Port Fontanars (CV-655 or CV-660) routes can be taken

Gravel 1) Port del Moro - Gravel climb from Ontinyent Now things start to get a little hard. This climb starts on the CV-655 and reaches the summit in 15km

2) Port del Moro - Gravel climb from Ontinyent

Getting to the Moro this way includes a fantastic high altitude ridge ride. However, you have to earn that pleasure by first conquering the extremely difficult Cami a Ponce climb, starting a couple of minutes away from Casa Sanz. Cami a Ponce is known locally as the Zig Zags. This is perhaps the hardest route.

3) Port del Moro - Gravel climb from Ontinyent Perhaps the easiest option, by starting further along the CV-655. However, for those that like a challenge there is the option to link it with the gravel road between the CV-655 and CV-660.

4) Port del Moro - Gravel climb from Bocairent Approaching Moro from the Bocairent side is generally easier given the higher starting elevation. but it's no less pretty.