• Team Escapar

Guide to spectacular destinations for a brilliant mid-ride coffee stop in Valencia and Alicante

This isn't a guide to the best coffee shops, but rather a guide serving as inspiration for planning a ride with a coffee stop set somewhere spectacular. These are a few of our favourites spots, some of which you may know and some of which fly under the radar. We've also highlighted some of the climbs near to each of the destinations. To get your bearings, check out our maps with distances from Ontinyent, Dania, Calpe and Jalon to many of the referenced climbs. In a future post, we'll cover some of our favourite coffee shops. You'll know @cafeciclistadenia @Musette_CC and Velosol and there are lots more to discover, whether it's for your pre-ride, mid-ride or post-ride caffeine fix. Ontinyent

Local road climbs: Port Bocairent, Ermita Sant Esteve, Port Fontanars, Port Portixol, Port Paller, Bosquiet de Mogente, Alt del Campello, Port Albaida


Local road climbs: Porrt alt del Portel, Port Bocairent, Portet d'Agres

Banyeres de Mariola

Local road climbs: Serra Mariola, Port del Moro, Puerto Canalis

Biar Local road climbs: Puerto Biar, Reconco, Port del Moro

Agres Local road climbs: Port Bocairent, Ported d'Agres, Serra Mariola

Cava Gran Serra Mariola gravel bike route
Ice Cave at 1200m
Agres Convent via Gravel trail
Agres Convent via Gravel trail

Font de la Figuera Local road climbs: Torre Talada, La Bastida

Once every 5 years it snows

Fontanars del Alforins

Local road climbs: Torre Talada, La Bastida. Port del Moro, Port Fontanars