Escapar COVID-19 guidelines - July 2020

As travel and movement restrictions ease across Europe, at Escapar we are now open for business and taking bookings for summer 2020 and for the 2020-2021 Season ahead. Guidelines differ from country-to-country and in Spain they can be different across the regions. We will update this page regularly to reflect any change in the guidelines and recommendations

It's important we have clear Covid guidelines to protect our customers, ourselves and the communities we all belong too.

Customer guidelines - what you should do

  • Please don't travel if you are unwell

  • If you have been unwell within 14 days prior to departure (flying or car) you should not travel, but stay safe at home. If necessary, self isolate as per your country guidelines

  • Please wear masks at the airport and continue to wear them as your exit the airport

  • Masks currently need to be worn at all times in public if you cannot maintain social distancing

  • We will provide you with and ask you to please use hand sanitizer before entering the transfer vehicleWe will ask you to carry your own bags and place them into the vehicle as guided

  • Masks must be work in the transfer vehicle

  • Upon arrival at Casa Sanz masks may be removed and social distancing maintained

N.B. We have lots of space (21,000 sq. m of grounds, large 20+ person dining area, large communal salon, large outdoor courtyard with seating, large covered terrace with seating, outdoor pool-house with seating and garden benches. In addition, all of our bedrooms are large with beds more than 2m apart if required.

  • Upon arrival please the provided hand sanitizer. We have a named shoe rack and helmet space for all customers for you to use.

  • We will show you to your room but ask that you carry own bags

  • Bike bags will be left in the courtyard and stored in our storage room

  • Please the use hand sanitizer provider at all of the cafes we visit

  • Please ride with a mask in your saddle bag and wear it when entering cafes. It will not be required once seated

  • Please use hand sanitizer whenever you return to Casa Sanz i.e. after rides, sightseeing or restaurant trips

  • Please let us know immediately if you feel unwell, maintain social distancing and in your room where possible

  • Upon departure, we will follow the similar procedures as arrival and require use of hand sanitizer before entering the vehicle and wearing of masks inside the vehicle.

  • You are welcome to social distance on all of the cycling climbs - at the front if you're feeling good and behind if you're taking it easy!

What we will do

  • Upon arrival at the airport arrivals terminal we will take your temperature remotely. If you are unwell or showing symptoms, alternative travel and accommodation may be required.

  • Before arrival, Casa Sanz will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized

  • All vehicles used by Casa Sanz will be thorough cleaned and sanitized

  • Any escapar staff that have bene unwell or showing Covid symptoms will not be present during your stay

  • We have large dining facilities indoors and out, where social distancing can be maintained

  • All cups, glasses, cutlery, plates, coffee & tea stations will be cleaned and sanitized after use

  • We will continue to offer kit bags for cycling kit laundry service

  • We will continue to follow good hygiene practise in the kitchen with regards to preparation, cooking and serving of food and use hand sanitizer before, during and after meals

  • We will continue to follow good hygiene practise when entering customers rooms to clean and change towels and use hand sanitizer before entering and after leaving

  • We will continue to clean and sterilise all drinking bottles daily


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