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Driving to Ontinyent

One of the reasons we chose Ontinyent is the fantastic road, rail and flight connections to get to here via the main transports hubs. Getting here from Valencia - 80km / less 1 hour away via the A7 Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain with an international airport and well connected rail system, including high speed trains to Madrid. We regularly travel to the airport, to central Valencia for the market and to the City of Arts & Sciences. It's usually about 1 hour away, door to door, on the A7 motorway. Once out of Valencia and on to the A7, there's very little traffic. Time on the A7 is about 45mins As you reach Xativa, the scenery improves dramatically, with lush green valleys, orange tree groves, and the mountains of the Serra Grossa and Vall d'Albaida. However, the initial drive out of Valencia is not the prettiest route, with sprawling industrial and commercial areas for several miles.

Getting here from Gandia - 50km / about away 45 mins via the CV60

We often take trips to Gandia as it's our nearest beach. Door to door is usually 45-50 minutes. Gandia is well connected to other coastal areas, including Cullera, Denia and Oliva. The CV-60 is mostly dual carriageway and links Gandia and the La Safor area to inland Valencia. A sunset drive west, back to Ontinyent is spectacularly pretty, with beautiful views of the Rotova valley and surrounding mountains. There are also some fantastic cycling routes, on and off road, that follow a similar course on minor roads and trails. Time on the CV60 is just over 30mins.

Getting here from Alicante - 100km about 1 hour away on the A7 There are more flights to Alicante than Valencia and in non COVID times, flights are available from nearly every European and Spanish airport. There are decent rail links to the rest of the region and the old town of Alicante is worth exploring too. Driving to Ontinyent from Alicante offers 3 major route options: 1) A7 via Alcoy and Cocentaina - just over 1 hour away 2) A7 and CV81 via Banyeres de Mariola - just under 1 hour 15mins away 3) A31 via VIllena - about 1 hour 15mins The drive via the A7 is spectacularl once you've driven north towards Tibi for 20 minutes, beyond the arid interior of Alicante. The drive offers views of the Maigmo and Serra Mariola national parks, with the castles of Castalla and Concentaina offering distinctive landmarks along the way. Time on the motorway is just under 1 hour.

Getting here from Madrid - 360km - about 4 hours Madrid is the second largest urban area in Europe after London and depending upon your start location, Ontinyent can be reached in as little 3.5 hour to 4 hours. We have guests from the Madrid region that visit for long weekend and international guests from the US for longer training camp and cycling trips. US guest in particular normally prefer the drive option from Madrid, versus waiting and taking a connecting flight and having a transfer from either ALicante or Valencia.


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