Different to Denia part 2 - 7 more routes to try!

Our first 7 routes proved popular, so here are 7 more of our favourite road cycling routes to whet your appetite. Ayora and more of the Serra Enguera Our guests consistently rate the Serra Enguera as their favourites routes in the week High praise and we tend to agree. Alt del Campello is one of the hardest climbs in the region too, to round off a beautifully challenging day in the saddle. Start / End : Ontinyent Distance 150km Climbing: 2900m Highlights: Torre Talada, Puerto del Peregrin, Alt del Campello

Serra Ontinyent and La Replana Rolling roads and the easy side of the classic Port del Moro make for a more relaxed ride. Watch out for the goats at the top!

Start /End : Ontinyent Distance: 86 km Climbing: 1000m Highlights: Port del Moro and many miles of rolling road and views of the Serra Mariola.

Gandia Beach Everyone loves an ice cream at the beach! Start / End : Ontinyent Distance: 138 km Climbing: 1700m Highlights: Otos, long downhill to the beach, climbs of La Drova, Puerto Beniganim

Sumacarcer and Xativa Do castles, lakes and coffee shops get any better than this? Throw in the trip to Presa de Tous, Bolbaite and Lake Anna too and you've got a stellar day on the bike. be sure to take a camera for this one. Start / End : Ontinyent Distance: 102 km Climbing: 1300m Highlights: Xativa Castle Puero Sumacarcer, Puerto L'Olleria

Carresqueta and Benifallim Two of the best climbs with some of the Serra Mariola thrown in good for measure. Start / End : Ontinyent Distance: 121 km Climbing: 2295m Highlights: Puerto de Benifallim, Puerto Torremanzana and Purto Benifallim, Subida a Agres

Maigmo Park and the other Xorret del Cati The easy side of Xorret del Cati is the long way around the stunning Maigmo park. Start / End : Ontinyent Distance: 154 km Climbing: 2264m Highlights: Xorret del Cati and the alternative to Puerto Canalis