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Birding in Valencia - garden visitors

The Valencia region is one of Europe's top birding destinations, with sites such as the Serra Mariola and Font Roja National parks, the Albufera wetlands and the coastal beaches. It is the second most mountainous region in Spain and also offers inland steppe from the Fontanars Plateau into Castille y La Mancha. It is filled with rivers, gorges and high mountain peaks, rivers and verdant valleys, attracting a fantastically diverse range of birds. We frequently see many birds on rides and hikes, from Golden Eagles to Griffon Vultures, Golden Orioles to Wagtails and owls. However, we don't have to travel too far to see some special. Our base at Finca Casa is located above the Pou Clar gorge, in private grounds of more than 20,000 sq.m. Our terrace overlooks the gorge and we can see the Benicadell range, Serra Ontinyent, Serra Grossa and Serra Mariola mountains from the garden. In the past couple of years, we've had the following visitors to the garden as well as a regular array of magpies, alpine swifts, murmurations of starlings, wagtails and tits. On most rides, we'll see a variety of hawks, kites and kestrels and occasionally larger birds ...

We don't run birding trips ourselves, but we can book local guides and serve as an excellent base for birding holidays that explore the best locations in the region, either guided or self-guided. Day trips are available as well as longer 4-7 day packages. Please contact us for more details.

Little Owl Marching around in broad daylight near the courtyard.

Eurasian Eagle-owl (named Owlberto Hootador by one of guests)

Mostly heard, but often seen atop the tallest pine in the garden looking down on our courtyard and into the gorge below where they hunt. There are 22 pairs in the Vall d'Albaida.

Golden Oriole

Another visitor, albeit a rare one, to the garden terrace and gorge. We're more likely to see them between Ontinyent and Agres.

Griffon Vulture Sometimes seen in two and three's, they glide over the from the nature reseve in the Serra Mariola above Alcoy.

Hoopoe We see lots of them including families, throughout the year. Normally skittish and slow to take off, we've found a few increasingly bold birds less bothered by our presence. They're to be found near the house, courtyard and gardens.

Purple Heron

We see these ancient-looking birds in flight following the line of the river in the gorge below from the terrace. If we walk down to the gorge, there's a chance to catch them resting or fishing.

And finally

Whilst we've not seen these birds in the garden, on rides to Fontanars, Bocairent and Mogente, we regularly see eagles and occasionally golden eagles. Bonelli's Eagle Noticeable by its long legs. this medium-sized bird can be seen in many parts of the Vall d'Albaida. Above Port del Moro and the Serra Ontinyent into La Replana is a good spot.

Golden Eagle Usually to be spotted near Fontanars, but we've seen them more frequently near Mogente and the Serra Enguera. We once had one following us briefly. whilst on our bikes riding the road to Mogente from Fontanars.

Flamingo Lots to be seen near the coast, espcially near Santa Pola and Albufera.

Photos from Wikipedia.